Mr. Keith is a Senior Project Manager and brings over 51 years of highly technical professional business experience in the fields of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), engineering planning and design and has a concentrated effort for Traffic Signal Operations and Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO/TIZMO). He provides a balanced understanding of projects from all points of view as he has vast experience in the public, private enterprise, and contractor/vendor areas.  He always is creative and detail oriented and has proven to be a skilled mediator between these very different facets of transportation infrastructure design build projects.  He is detail oriented and has a “never fail” montra towards all projects. His skills in this area are unmatched with a record of success in project management, on-time and on-budget project delivery, and has a proven ability to foster strong positive client relations.

Mr. Keith recently served as Project Manager for the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) for the Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program; a $400 million long range inter-jurisdictional program geared solely toward synchronizing over 2,000 traffic signal systems and providing major updates to ITS infrastructure in Orange County.

At OCTA, Mr. Keith was responsible for the Proposition 1B/Measure M Traffic Light Synchronization Program. Mr. Keith also managed the completion of the second and third Federally required ITS Strategic Deployment Plan update for 2012 and on the 2018 update.  Mr. Keith also completed the County wide Communications Study and assisted in a major role with the State of the Practice on Connected Vehicles for Orange County.

Prior to his work at OCTA, Mr. Keith worked for multiple transportation consulting engineering firms, including Herman Kimmel and Associates. Mr. Keith also held similar positions for three public agencies covering over 20 years in Orange County. Mr. Keith also spent over 8 years working as a technical sales manager for three major traffic signal systems and manufacturing companies.

Mr. Keith also served as President of Orange County Traffic Engineers Council (OCTEC), a professional association in Orange County and has presented at various transportation workshops and conferences.

Mr. Keith is certified as Traffic Signal Operations Specialist (TSOS) from the Transportation Professional Certification Board of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

Professional Affiliations:

Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
Member, Intelligent Transportation Society of California (ITS-CA)
Past President, Orange County Traffic Engineering Council (OCTEC)