Counties of San Diego & Imperial - Caltrans District 11 On-Call

ADVANTEC was Project Manager for on-call engineering services with Caltrans District 11 to determine safety improvements along 330 miles of State Routes 76, 78, 79, 86, 94, 98, 111 and 115 in Imperial and San Diego Counties. Work included documentation of existing conditions, traffic analysis/studies and preparation of preliminary plans and construction cost estimates.

City of El Centro - Interstate 8 Pedestrian Overcrossings

ADVANTEC staff was Project Manager for the City of El Centro’s Eight Street and La Brucherie Road pedestrian overcrossing structures of Interstate 8. Work included obtaining Caltrans District 11 Encroachment Permit approval, for each structure, and coordination with Caltrans District 11 and HQ Structures staff.

County of Orange - Foothill Transportation Corridor (Toll Road)

ADVANTEC staff was Project Engineer for a 1 mile section of the Foothill Transportation Corridor, (SR 241), and the Avenida de Las Banderas interchange for the TCA and Caltrans District 12. Responsible for the horizontal and vertical geometrics, design of freeway overhead signs, a fiber optic corridor operating system and ramp gore lighting.

BNSF Railway San Bernardino Subdivision Grade Separations

ADVANTEC staff was Project Manager for the conceptual design for the Placentia Ave, Kraemer Blvd., Orangethorpe Ave, Tustin Ave/Rose Drive, Jefferson St., Van Buren St., Richfield Rd, Lakeview Ave., and Kellogg Dr. grade separations of the BNSF Railway’s San Bernardino Subdivision in northern Orange County.

Kern County - I-5/Wheeler Ridge Road Interchange

ADVANTEC staff was Project Manager of modification/expansion to the Interstate 5/Wheeler Ridge Road Interchange in southern Kern County, CA. Work included preparation of Fact Sheets, FNM-76 and PS&E package. Work involved coordination with and approvals from Caltrans District 6 Local Assistance/Design Oversight, Caltrans HQ Structures and FHWA.

City of Industry - SR60 @ Clayton Overhead - LA County Sanitation District Waste-by-Rail

ADVANTEC staff was Project Manager for the State Route 60 Clayton Overhead improvements’ Project Study Report/Project Report in the City of Industry, CA. Work included preparation of Advanced Planning Study, Stormwater Data Report and Right of Way Data Sheets. Work involved coordination with Caltrans District 7, Caltrans District 7 and HQ Structures, Union Pacific Railroad and the California Public Utilities Commission.

City of Placentia - BNSF Quiet Zone

ADVANTEC staff was Project Manager for Orange County’s first operational Quiet Zone located along the BNSF Railway’s San Bernardino Subdivision in the Cities of Anaheim and Placentia. Work involved eight (8) existing at-grade crossings and included the design of supplemental safety measures, video detection, and diagnostic field review and project approval from FRA, BNSF Railway, California PUC and Metrolink.

City of Upland - San Antonio Street & Storm Drain Improvement Project


  • PS&E for Storm Drain and Street Improvements
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Street Rehabilitation & Reconstruction
  • Signing & Striping Plans
  • Traffic Control and Staging Plans
  • Coordination and permittng through the City of Upland, CA.


Project Description:

As Project Manager, ADVANTEC staff prepared Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) for the construction of new 78-in to 90-in RCP Storm Drain at a depth of 15 to 20 feet below San Antonio Avenue between Mt. Vernon to 13th Street, an approximate distance of 0.82 mile. In addition to new storm drain construction, various curb, gutter, sidewalk and driveway improvements were also undertaken. Work also included the removal and reconstruction of AC pavement and aggregate base showing visible signs of deterioration.

City of Placentia - Melrose St. Undercrossings – Placentia, California

ADVANTEC staff designed railway bridge and roadway undercrossing improvements for Melrose Street in the City of Placentia. The Melrose Street project was completed in 2004 at a cost of $16 million including right-of-way acquisition. ADVANTEC staff also managed the right-of-way acquisition phase for the project. ADVANTEC staff prepared final plans, specifications and estimates for the construction of improvements to Melrose Street from Crowther Avenue to Santa Fe Street.

City of Fontana - Citrus Avenue Road Widening Project


  • PS&E for Street Improvements
  • New raised median
  • Traffic Signal Modification and new installation
  • Signing & Striping Plans
  • Traffic Control and Staging Plans
  • Temporary Construction Easements
  • Landscape Architecture and Irrigation
  • Construction Support Services
  • Coordination and permittng through the City of Fontana, CA

Project Description:

As Project Manager, ADVANTEC staff prepared Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) for the widening of Citrus Avenue between Baseline Avenue and Highland Avenue (an approximate distance of 1 mile) in the City of Fontana, California. Improvements mainly consisted of the addition of one lane in each direction on Citrus Avenue, construction of a new raised median, traffic signal modifications, signing, striping and construction staging. Extensive mitigation approaches were undertaken with regards to adjacent property owners’ private driveways, fencing and other pertinent edge conditions.

Bouquet Canyon Road Street Improvement Project

PS&E for Street Improvements

  • New and modification of raised median
  • Traffic Signal Modification & New Installation
  • Signing & Striping Plans
  • Traffic Control and Staging Plans
  • Right-of-Way Maps, legal descriptions
  • Landscape Architecture and Irrigation
  • Construction Support Services
  • Coordination and permittng through the City of Santa Clarita

Project Description:

As Project Manager, Mr. Naftali prepared Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) for the widening of Bouquet Canyon Road at Soledad Canyon Road/Valencia Avenue as well as construction and modification of various driveways, raised median, and drainage improvements. Additional lane on each direction is added to the existing Bouquet Canyon Road, Valencia Avenue and Soledad Canyon Road to accommodate future growth in traffic due to surrounding residential developments. 

City of West Covina – Azusa Avenue Traffic Signal Modifications


  • Signal Upgrade at 3 Intersections  
  • Traffic Analysis to determine length of dual left turn lanes
  • Signing and Striping Design
  • Signal Timing Sheets Preparation
  • Bid Document Preparation

Project Description:

ADVANTEC was retained by the City of West Covina design traffic signal upgrade plans at three intersections along Azusa Avenue. Traffic signal upgrade along Azusa Avenue included installation of new ADA compliant ramps, protected left-turn phasing (PPLT), replacing existing 8” signal vehicle heads with 12” LED signal vehicle heads, pedestrian countdown signals, emergency vehicle preemption (EVP) detectors, new signal conduits and complete rewiring of intersections using multi-conductor cables. New timing sheets to incorporate the PPLT and EVP were also prepared for all three intersections.

Lewis Homes - Pine Avenue / SR 71 Improvements

ADVANTEC staff completed an alignment study and preliminary design for improvements to Pine Avenue from State Route 71 to State Route 83. The culmination of this effort was a complted Field Review Form and PES Form approved by the Cities of Chino and Chino Hills and Caltrans District 8. This project also includes a hydraulic and sediment transport for Chino Creek and the development of alternative improvements (bridge, culvert, etc.) for the Pine Avenue crossing of Chino Creek.

City of Lake Forest – Trabulco Road Widening Design


  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Level of Service Analyses 
  • Synchro 6.0 Modeling
  • Intersection Capacity Utilization Analyses
  • Left Turn Length Calculations
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses
  • Driveway Locations
  • Roadway Widening 
  • Median Opening Locations
  • Conceptual Roadway Design

Project Description:

ADVANTEC prepared a traffic study for the roadway widening improvement project in the City of Lake Forest. ADVANTEC developed Synchro network for level of service analysis using HCM and ICU methodologies.  Future growth rate was projected for ADT volumes using the Lake Forest Traffic Analysis Model (LFTAM) and the City’s Opportunity EIR study.  ADVANTEC calculated the minimum left turn pocket length requirements using the Highway Design Manual (HDM) guidelines. A conceptual roadway design for future median opening and new driveway locations were implemented throughout the study with the City staff. 

City of Anaheim - Convention Way Alignment Study

ADVANTEC staff completed an alignment study for the extension of Convention Way from its existing terminus at Harbor Boulevard across the “expanded” I-5 freeway to State College Boulevard adjacent to Anaheim Stadium. The study involved development of six alternative alignments, including a cut and cover tunnel section (1,200 feet long) under a parcel of prime developable agricultural land. The project included analysis of each alternative with regard to traffic, construction and right-of-way costs, environmental impacts, site access, utility relocation, drainage and development of cost estimates for signalized intersections for use in cost/benefit analysis. An alignment study report was prepared to summarize all of the proposed alignments and to formulate the recommendation of the preferred alignment.

Oak Creek Community in Irvine


  • Traffic 
  • CCTV Installation
  • Hybrid Twisted-Pair / Fiber-Optic Communications
  • Traffic Signal Modifications
  • New Traffic Signal Installations
  • Signing and Striping
  • Three-Phase Traffic Control Plans for Street Widening 

Project Description:

ADVANTEC staff was the Project Manager to complete a design project for the Irvine Company for the development of a new community called Oak Creek in Irvine, California. The project involved the preparation of PS&E for the widening of Alton Parkway from Jeffrey Road to Sand Canyon Road, and for all new roadway improvements within the community. A total of over 20 engineering plans consisting of two traffic signal modifications, three new traffic signal installation, signing and striping, and traffic control plans were prepared.

The project also required relocation of the City's trunk fiber optic communication line, a communication hub cabinet, and CCTV installation at two locations. The design included the replacement of the existing fiber optic cable with the current City standard hybrid Signal/Fiber optic interconnect cable. The system design required that the existing communication facilities remain in service except during cut over to the new system.

Metrolink: Long Beach – Los Angeles (“Blue Line”)


  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Signing and Striping Design
  • LRT/Traffic Interface
  • Grade Separation Studies
  • Traffic Control Plans 
  • Street Lighting Design

Project Description:

ADVANTEC staff was Project Manager for the traffic engineering elements of this light rail project. 

For the 12-mile “mid-corridor segment”, LRT travels in a dedicated railroad right-of-way at high speeds.  Impacts at rail/road crossings were evaluated, and mitigation measures were developed to reduce th impacts of LRT preemption on road traffic.  Interfaces between the traffic signal control and railroad crossing gated control were also developed.  ADVANTEC also prepared 88 plans for traffic signals, signing and striping, street lighting and construction traffic control design. 

For the five-mile Long Beach segment, LRT travels at-grade in the median of Long Beach Boulevard, a major arterial carrying over 30,000 ADT.  ADVANTEC staff evaluated different alignment options, and recommended the most suitable alignment design that reduces traffic impacts.  The result is a “loop” configuration of LRT alignment that travels through downtown while utilizing a parallel one-way street.  ADVANTEC staff supervised the preparation of 66 traffic signal design plans, 54 signing and striping plans, 54 street lighting plans and 18 construction traffic control plans.

For the four-mile downtown Los Angeles segment, ADVANTEC staff evaluated the traffic impacts of at-grade LRT at over 25 intersections.  The LRT alignment traverses the median of Washington Street, with over 35,000 ADT, and then turns north on Flower Street, which is a one-way street.  The impact of side-running versus center-running was evaluated, leading to the recommendation for side-running.  ADVANTEC staff has also evaluated the integration of LRT priority into ATSAC, the Los Angeles traffic signal system.

City of Anaheim – Lincoln Avenue Beautification


  • Traffic analysis of roadway widening and median beautification
  • Operational analysis of turning movement at intersections and driveways
  • Traffic signal, signing and striping and traffic control design

Project Description:

ADVANTEC Consulting Engineers was retained by the City of Anaheim to provide traffic engineering analysis and design services for the beautification of Lincoln Avenue. ADVANTEC analyzed the operational impacts of the new landscaped median and turning movements at driveway locations. Turning movements at driveways along with on-street parking were analyzed to determine and anticipate any problems that might occur due to the installation of the median, which would prohibit left turn movements out of driveways. The analysis was used to determine how much of an impact, positive or negative, the project would have on the neighborhood. The project also required the removal of a pedestrian signal, modification and installation of traffic signals and new signing and striping to increase the capacity while beautifying the street. Traffic control plans were designed to efficiently construct the new sidewalk, road and median.

Lambert Road Widening Project


  • PS& E for Street Widening 
  • Signal Modifications
  • Signing & Striping
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Coordination with Caltrans and County of Orange

Project Description:

ADVANTEC prepared the Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) for widening of a one-mile section of Lambert Road in the City of Brea, California, between Kraemer Boulevard and Valencia Avenue.  Plan preparation included the plans for the signing and striping, which provided up to three through lanes in each direction, with turn pockets.  ADVANTEC also designed the signal modifications for three intersections along the route and developed the plans for two-phase traffic control during the construction. 

The effort required close coordination with the City of Brea, County of Orange, as well as Caltrans for the Carbon Canyon Road (State Route 142) Widening Project east of Valencia Avenue.

City of Irwindale – Construction Management


  • Construction management of a new traffic signal at Irwindale Ave./Edna Pl.
  • Coordination between contractor, city, LA County, Metrolink and Wage Compliance
  • Performed on-site Inspection Services

Project Description:

ADVANTEC Consulting Engineers was retained by the City of Irwindale to provide full time on-site construction inspection and management services for the construction of the traffic signal at Irwindale Ave. and Edna Pl. The intersection location required multiple agency coordination including Metrolink and LA County. A variety of different construction methods were used to install conduit and traffic signal equipment. Inspection services ensured contractor compliance with the latest Caltrans and Greenbook specifications along with the project specifications. Construction methods such as shoring, compaction and augering required extensive knowledge of current construction standards and practices. ADVANTEC also corresponded with a wage compliance company to approve invoices and materials. Daily logs, change orders and other management services were vital to the successful construction of the traffic signal. 

City of Mission Viejo- Traffic Signal Coordination Peer Review & Before/After Travel Studies


  • Conducted GPS studies before and after implementation of signal coordination timing;
  • Provided operations analyses for links and intersections;
  • Performed detailed operations surveys of the city and neighboring agencies;
  • Processed data using NTOC based benchmarks;
  • Summarized results in a NTOC type Report Card; and
  • Presented recommendations to improve signal timing performance and traffic operations practices within the city.

Project Description:

The City of Mission Viejo commissioned ADVANTEC Consulting Engineers to review the city signal coordination project and existing traffic operations practices.  GPS based travel time studies were used to analyze benefits of the city signal coordination project along four major arterials.  In addition, surveys and questionnaires were used to develop a traffic operations report card for policies and practices currently used by the city.  This project provided recommendations for the City of Mission Viejo to improve operations and performance of the transportation network.

City of Diamond Bar City-Wide Neighborhood Traffic Management Project (NTMP)


  • 18 locations
  • 5 separate residential neighborhoods
  • Public Outreach Community Meetings
  • Detailed Recommendations Report
  • Presentation of Recommendations to City Transportation Commission
  • Bid and construction support

Project Description:

The entire NTMP was designed and approved under an extremely tight deadline to allow for construction to be completed during the school district’s summer break.

ADVANTEC was contracted by the City of Diamond Bar to develop and implement criteria for use in all future installations of traffic calming devices in the City. Under the initial “City of Diamond Bar City-Wide Neighborhood Traffic Management Project” (NTMP), ADVANTEC was responsible for the design of traffic calming devices at 18 locations in five different residential neighborhoods throughout the City. Community meetings were set up with residents of each neighborhood to get input and to build a consensus among stakeholders. ADVANTEC prepared full plans, specifications and estimates for the construction of the proposed traffic calming devices, which included: speed cushions (bumps), traffic circles, modified striping utilizing Texas Dots, and parking lanes.

City of Bellflower - Traffic Signal Master Plan


  • 62 signals
  • Performed system inventory
  • Evaluated fiber optic network
  • Evaluated system deficiencies
  • Implemented signal timing schemes
  • Prepare PS&E package and final reports

Project Description:

ADVANTEC developed an overall traffic signal Master Plan that addressed various traffic signal improvements to increase traffic safety and to improve traffic movements in the City of Bellflower, California.

ADVANTEC performed a quality control inventory on all 61 of the City’s traffic signals, and documented all aspects of the project. 

ADVANTEC prepared a plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) package to be used by the City to procure services from construction contractors and hardware vendors that included intersection plans and intersection design improvements. As part of the project, ADVANTEC performed a detailed evaluation of each controlled intersection to identify deficiencies in signal timing and control functions.

ADVANTEC evaluated different traffic signal system timing options, developed signal timing plans for “free operation” during off-peak periods, and implemented traffic signal timing and phasing for 23 of the 31 intersections. In implementing the signal timing plans, ADVANTEC also performed fine-tuning of the signal timings such as minimum green, all red, vehicle recall, pedestrian recall, force-offs, etc.

ADVANTEC also analyzed the fiber-optic network and made appropriate recommendations to improve its’ efficiency.

City of Arcadia Advanced Traffic Management System


  • Advanced Traffic Management System
  • Researched and selection of ideal CCTV camera locations
  • Designed CCTV at signalized intersections
  • Developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) for TransSuite ATMS    

Project Description:

ADVANTEC Consulting Engineers was subconsultant to Transcore, which is by the City of Arcadia to design and implement an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) to manage the traffic signals at a new Traffic Management Center (TMC). ADVANTEC performed bucket truck surveys at multiple locations throughout the City to identify the most ideal locations for the installation of five (5) CCTV cameras. The report summarized ADVANTEC’s findings and reasons for choosing the specific locations. ADVANTEC also developed graphical user interface (GUI) intersection diagrams for the TransSuite traffic signal system. These diagrams were accurate representations of each intersection with all of the necessary information shortcuts needed for efficient traffic management. The specialized traffic engineering services provided by ADVANTEC allowed the City to utilize the City’s TMC to its potential.

City of Lake Forest: Trabuco Road Median Beautification and Street Widening Project

The scope of work for the Trabuco Road project is almost identical to this Lincoln Avenue Beautification Project. ADVANTEC provided traffic engineering services to the City of Lake Forest to collect traffic counts at all intersections and driveways, prepared a traffic impact study, and prepared PS&E for traffic signal modification, signing and striping and traffic control plans for Trabuco Road from Bake Parkway to Lake Forest Drive. Traffic impact study included evaluation of LOS for existing and 2030 traffic conditions at all intersections and roadway segments, recommended lengths of left turn pockets at proposed median openings. PS&E design included signal modifications at two intersections, a new signal installation, traffic signal interconnect, roadway signing and striping to provide 3 through lanes in each direction, and traffic control plans for the construction of new raised medians, new driveway locations, and roadway widening. ADVANTEC also attended two public hearings and a City Council Meeting to present the project, and answer questions from residents and elected officials.