• Information Clearing House
  • Traffic Management
  • Incident Management
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Transit Operations
  • Transit Administration
  • Rideshare Operations
  • Paratransit Operations
  • Rail Operations
  • Airplane Operations
  • Maritime Operations
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations
  • Non-motorized Operations
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Transportation Services (Electronic Yellow Pages)

Project Description:
ADVANTEC staff was a member of the project team to perform project scoping and system design of the Southern California Priority Corridor “Showcase” Project. The project will deploy an intermodal transportation management and information system to optimize and coordinate freeway and street operations with public and private transportation systems with the Southern California Priority Corridor. Partners within this system include Caltrans, California Highway Patrol, City and County governments, metropolitan planning organizations, air quality management districts, transit (rail and bus) and paratransit providers, rideshare agencies, emergency response agencies, commercial fleets, airports, seaports, and private industry. The intermodal transportation management and information system will incorporate a number of interconnected intermodal functions.