• Flexible Route Para-Transit for General Commuters
  • Automatic Vehicle Location Systems
  • J1708 Smart Bus Interface
  • APTS Technology Evaluation
  • Computerized Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Electronic Fare Collection
  • Customer Interface Systems

Project Description:
ADVANTEC staff was a Senior Advisor of the team that has investigated the technological and operational feasibility of developing and implementing a smart shuttle system in three study areas in the City of Los Angeles. The underlying objective of this system is to increase transit’s share of the commuting market by providing an alternative transportation mode that will produce a range of benefits to commuters including reduced travel times, improved air quality, cost savings and increased mobility. A number of proven

technologies were incorporated into the smart shuttle system including customer interface systems, automatic vehicle location systems, computerized scheduling and dispatching, electronic fare collection and other APTS technologies to provide a demand responsive shared-ride system in the City of Los Angeles.