• State and Local TMCs
  • Peer-to-Peer System Communication
  • Real-time Data Exchange Network
  • Santa Clara

Project Description:
ADVANTEC staff participated in an advisory role of this project to implement the Silicon Valley Smart Corridor in northern California.  This Project coordinates both freeway and selected surface street traffic operations for multiple adjacent jurisdictions in the I-880/Route 17 corridor.  A link to a planned transit management system is included.  The involved jurisdictions are Caltrans, the cities of San Jose, Milpitas, Santa Clara and Campbell, the Town of Los Gatos and Santa Clara County.  An interesting feature of the system is that it allows both monitoring and control of system facilities by all jurisdictions on a peer-to-peer basis.

The system enables real-time data exchange and control between all agencies, thus providing the ability for each agency to monitor corridor-wide traffic management decision making.  The real time monitoring includes the ability to adjust traffic signals, electronic signs, and other devices across multiple jurisdictions to respond to traffic volume changes and/or incidents.  The system provides a real-time status display map of the corridor at each agency.  This will provide travelers with information about current conditions and options, to optimize use of the freeways, expressways, and transit systems, and to minimize travel on local streets.  The system interfaces with TravInfo, the San Francisco Bay Area regional traveler information system.

The first three phases of the project had an overall schedule of 18 months and a total budget of $7.5M form California’s Traffic Systems Management program.

Project elements included: vehicle sensors, CCTV cameras and variable message signs on both surface streets and freeways, traffic responsive signal coordination, upgrades to existing signal and freeway management systems, a wide area computer network, automated data exchange, a corridor-wide real-time display, incident management procedures and a link to TravInfo.  The system enables staff in any of the involved jurisdictions’ Traffic Management Centers to manage any part or all of the corridor as needed and agreed between the participants.