• 400 Miles of Freeways
  • 8000 Miles of Arterials
  • Urban ITS elements
  • Rural ITS elements
  • Regional Traffic Management Centers
  • Statewide System Architecture
  • Intercity Traveler Information System
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations
  • Oregon Incident Management System

Project Description:

ADVANTEC staff led the team for the Oregon Statewide ITS Strategic Plan, consultant team to develop an ITS deployment plan for Oregon that involves participants from all regions of the state.

Being a statewide plan, the project addresses the diverse issues facing the state, from urban ITS issues in the Metropolitan Portland Region to rural ITS issues in the rural parts of the state.

The process was structured with three key objectives:

  • Build the ITS Plan based on needs;
  • Allow stakeholders to have ample input and ownership of the ITS Plan;
  • Promote partnerships and focus on implementation.

Besides addressing the technological elements of ITS implementation, the ITS Plan also addressed the institutional aspects.  An institutional framework was developed to deal with the different issues pertaining to roles, responsibilities, funding, partnership, privacy and other issues.