• Operational Functions
  • Roles and Responsibilities of NDOT
  • Organization and Staffing
  • Inter-agency Coordination Issues
  • Institutional Issues
  • Traffic Management Policies

Project Description:

ADVANTEC staff developed a Freeway Management Plan for the State of Nevada.  The plan discussed the purposes of the Freeway Management System; identified the operational, traffic management, incident management, and coordination functions; outlined roles and responsibilities of Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) as well as other agencies involved; discussed institutional issues to be addressed; recommended relevant policies for NDOT to implement in conjunction with the Freeway Management System; and outlined organization and staffing needs for NDOT.

As is the case for most states, NDOT has been traditionally a highway planning, highway design, highway construction, and highway

maintenance agency.  With the implementation of a Freeway Management System, NDOT needs to develop suitable organizational, institutional and staffing strategies.  The purpose of this Freeway Management Plan was to identify these issues, summarize the different alternatives, and recommend the most suitable strategies for NDOT.