• Advanced Tourist Traveler Information System
  • Area-wide Advanced Traffic Management System
  • Incident Management Program
  • Transit Management System
  • System Architecture

Project Description:

ADVANTEC staff led the team to develop the ITS Strategic Plan for Las Vegas, Nevada.  It served as a roadmap for the phased implementation of various advanced technologies.  It provided a guide to both public and private sector involvement, and identified the necessary institutional framework within which the benefits of ITS can be realized.

Las Vegas was the fastest growing city in the U.S. for the period between 1984-1995.  The population of 974,000 in 1995 is growing as many as 6,000 people per month.  An additional 30+ million people visited Las Vegas annually, and on any busy weekend, there can be over 150,000 international visitors, many of whom are drivers unfamiliar with the Valley’s street and highway system.  This provides for a unique setting for an advanced traveler information system.

A Freeway Traffic Operations System was developed to manage the recurrent and non-recurrent congestion.  This system will be tied in with the Traffic Signal System, the Incident Management System, and the Transit Management System within the defined “System Architecture”.