• CCTV Cameras
  • Loop and Video Detectors
  • Ramp Meters
  • Solar Powered, Radio Controlled Trailblazer Signs
  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • Freeway Management System (FMS)
  • Arterial Management System (AMS)
  • Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) with Internet Web Site
  • Archive Data User Service (ADUS) with Internet Web Site

Project Description:

ADVANTEC is a member of the consultant team to design a regional, multi-jurisdictional, multi-modal freeway and arterial management Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in the Las Vegas area. The project provides a new Transportation Management Center (TMC) in the Las Vegas Valley for centralized control of traffic for the region. The project has four major components: FMS, AMS, ATIS, and ADUS. The FMS component provides automated incident response services, and implements smart corridor technologies to monitor and regulate traffic flow on the area freeways. The AMS component manages the flow of traffic on arterial roads. The ATIS component collects and disseminates traveler information. The ADUS component collects, archives and disseminates statewide traffic data and media services. The system employs a large number of field devices of various types including CCTV cameras, ramp meters, loop and video detectors, dynamic message signs, trailblazer signs, and highway advisory radio (HAR).