• User Service Plan
  • Functional Area Plan
  • Incident Management Plan
  • Urban Rural ITS Application

Project Description:

ADVANTEC staff was a member of the team for the Indianapolis ITS Strategic Plan project.  Following the FHWA ITS Planning Process, the project involved evaluating the user services, assessing technologies, developing a system architecture, and developing suitable ITS projects for implementation.  The program areas developed included, a multi-modal traveler information system, a freeway management system, an advanced traffic signal control system, a transit management system, public-private partnerships, and technical and planning support elements.

ADVANTEC staff’s role in the project included developing the User Service Plan, the Functional Area Plan, the Technology Assessment Paper, and the Incident Management Plan.

Of particular interest is that although Indianapolis is an urban city, the study area encompasses the five county areas, most of which are rural and suburban in nature.  Hence the study focuses on urban and rural ITS applications especially in the incident management plan, the traveler information system and technology assessment.