• 150-mile Corridor   
  • Rural Setting
  • Four PennDOT Districts
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations
  • Traveler Information
  • Weather Information
  • System Architecture

Project Description:

ADVANTEC staff was a member of the team to develop an ITS Strategic Plan for the rural I-79 corridor in Pennsylvania.  I-79 extends from Pittsburgh to Erie, about 150 miles.  It goes through four different districts of PennDOT and six counties.  It provides access for rural farmland, urban cities, commercial developments along the route and access to Lake Erie tourist attractions.  The demographics of the corridor are varied, therefore the project is designed to meet the different needs of all motorists and provide information that will lead to solutions for issues such as weather updates, economical commercial travel, heavy freight transportation, traffic congestion and commuter travel.  The planning process also took into consideration needs of enforcement and maintenance.  These include such issues as incident detection, emergency response, handling real-time traffic problems in a location that may be isolated from a management center and interfacing with existing infrastructures such as I-90, I-80, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-70 and I-279.

ADVANTEC staff’s role on the project included developing the functional area plan, evaluating suitable technologies and developing the system architecture that would capture technological advances while providing the necessary functions of the ITS system.