• Thee cost-effective Build Alternatives analyzed
  • Context-sensitive solutions included for overcrossings; pedestrians, bicycles, transit
  • Fifteen (15) proposed structures analyzed for PSR
  • Mandatory Fact Sheet developed for non-standard interchange spacing
  • Coordination with SCAP on future I-5 corridor
  • Five miles of I-5, between Grapevine Interchange and I-5/SR-99 Junction, analyzed for Level Of Service, ramp/auxiliary lane weaving and queuing

Project Description:

Three L-9 interchange alternatives were developed to relocate the existing Grapevine interchange. Additionally, alternate locations for the existing SB I-5 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility (CVEF) were analyzed due to the proximity of the CVEF to the new interchange locations. The project is a Federal/Local/ Private funded $200 million infrastructure improvement project.

ADVANTEC staff worked directly with Caltrans District 6, Kern County Roads, and Tejon Ranch in developing the purpose and need for the new interchange while considering I-5 ultimate geometric layout. The nearby steep terrain and high truck traffic volumes provided challenges during the development of the alternatives. Multiple meetings with all the stakeholders were held to identify 3 feasible build alternatives.

Upon approval of the PSR this project will move forward to the PA/ED phase in Spring 2016.