• On and Off ramp geometrics constrained by adjacent residential areas and high school
  • Local intersections adjacent to interchange
  • Developed ramp design to keep improvements within existing right of way
  • Preparation of the “new” combined Mandatory/Advisory Fact Sheet to document District “delegated” non-standard features
  • Preparation of Traffic Impact Analysis in coordination with Regional transportation model (SBTAM)

Project Description:

ADVANTEC is the prime consultant to SANBAG on this “Streamlined Oversight Process” project for Caltrans District 8. ADVANTEC is responsible for the project from the Permit Engineering Evaluation Report (PEER), CEQA support (technical studies) and approval, through the Plans, Specification and Estimate (PS&E) phase and finally Construction Support and close out.

Project Elements on this $10 million infrastructure improvement project:

  • Geometric Approval Drawings
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • “Combined” Fact Sheet
  • Initial Site Assessment of an adjacent Redlands School District bus maintenance and storage yard