• 302 Km of SRN in Hong Kong
  • Strategic Plan for ITS
  • Traffic Management Strategies
  • Incident Management Strategies
  • Traveler Information Strategies Operation Plan

Project Description:
ADVANTEC Consulting Engineers served as the project manager of the consultant team that conducted “Hong Kong Strategic Road Network (SRN) Traffic Control and Surveillance System Study” for Transport Department. The purposes of the project are to evaluate the feasibility of and to formulate a strategy for deploying Intelligent Transport System (ITS) comprising traffic surveillance, information and control techniques/technologies for the management of the Strategic Road Network (SRN).

The goals of this project were to improve safety and efficiency, reduce environmental cost associated with congestion and to recommend a strategy for phased implementation. This will be used as a roadmap to guide the policies and actions of Transport Department (TD) for the organization and implementation of ITS.

Therefore, it was of paramount importance that this plan laid out a logical program that is developed with strong governmental support and promotes cost-effective implementation of ITS in Hong Kong. The high level tasks involved in this study included:

  • Identifying the problems/service requirements on SRN management;
  • Reviewing state-of-the-art ITS technology
  • Evaluating SRN management strategies
  • Developing an operational plan
  • Developing conceptual design and an implementation plan