• Digital Trunked-radio communications
  • 670-1000 vehicle/vessel installations
  • In-vehicle Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) interface
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) interface
  • Vehicle status dependent operating and dispatch modes
  • Fully redundant client-server fast Ethernet LAN/WAN control system
  • Raid and tape drive archive systems

Project Description:

ADVANTEC performed the preliminary design and prepared the design specification for the Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) subsystem of the Hong Kong Third Generation Mobilizing System (TGMS). The TGMS replaces the current second generation country-wide Hong Kong Fire Services Department (FSD) dispatch system and communication network used to dispatch fire appliances, vessels, and ambulances.  AVLS is a new and critical component to the system.  The AVLS is controlled and monitored over a digital, trunked-radio system.  Under contract to the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, ADVANTEC designed the AVLS subsystem and wrote the procurement specification incorporated as Chapter 8 of the Tender Volume II.  The project involves design, implementation, installation, commissioning, and testing of the AVLS for a 1000 vehicle/vessel fleet.  The system includes both in-vehicle components, and installation of two fully redundant control and data monitoring networks as part of the overall communication and dispatch system.  As part of the design effort ADVANTEC was responsible for specifying the software application requirements of the AVLS including application requirements the primary and redundant servers, Mobile Data Terminal and GIS applications. The design includes a large capacity historical database that will retain vehicle position, status, dispatch information, etc. for each vehicle at a rate of approximately every 6 seconds to redundant, mirrored RAID units.  The AVLS interfaces to all the major subsystems of the TGMS via fast-Ethernet connections to the other subsystem servers