• Jurisdictional Framework
  • User Service Plan
  • System Architecture
  • ITS Strategy
  • Incident Management System
  • Rural ITS applications

Project Description:

ADVANTEC staff led this project to develop an ITS strategic plan for Hartford, CT.  Following the FHWA ITS Planning Process, ADVANTEC led a team to evaluate the local needs, establish a jurisdictional framework, identify the performance criteria, develop an user service plan, establish a system architecture, develop a functional area plan, evaluate applicable technologies, and formulate an ITS strategy for the region.  Connecticut DOT has established a Highway Operation Center that operates the state traffic signal systems and freeway incident management system.  The City of Hartford is also operating an UTCS traffic signal system.  These systems, as well as other closed-loop systems in the region, would be integrated into the system architecture that is open and flexible.  An incident management task force was established to coordinate incident management for the region.