• Miscellaneous traffic engineering services
  • Preparation of traffic design guidelines and checklists
  • Traffic engineering design
  • Median modification design
  • Record drawings preparation
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Traffic signal timing and synchronization

Project Description:

ADVANTEC has assisted the City of Santa Clarita since 2004 in numerous traffic engineering projects and services. Services provided include:

  • Preparation of City of Santa Clarita traffic design guidelines and checklists;
  • Traffic signal modification design at numerous intersections;
  • Traffic signal installation and interconnect design – various locations;
  • Signing and striping design along various roadways;
  • Preparation of “record drawings” of traffic signal plans to reflect the “as-built” conditions;
  • Pedestrian clearance time update per latest MUTCD for all signalized intersections;
  • Signal timing optimization at 5 corridors, and implementation of timing at the City’s QuicNet 4 system;
  • Design of downtown revitalization, including parking design, street layout, and traffic signal modifications;
  • Raised median modification design at various locations;
  • Construction support;
  • Bike lanes and road diet design along Avenue Scott, Avenue Stanford and Tournament Road.