• Traffic Impact Study
  • Level of Service Analyses
  • Synchro 6.0 Modeling
  • Intersection Capacity Utilization Analyses
  • Left Turn Length Calculations
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses
  • Driveway Locations
  • Roadway Widening
  • Median Opening Locations
  • Conceptual Roadway Design

Project Description:
ADVANTEC prepared a traffic study for the roadway widening improvement project in the City of Lake Forest.

ADVANTEC developed Synchro network for level of service analysis using HCM and ICU methodologies. Future growth rate was projected for ADT volumes using the Lake Forest Traffic Analysis Model (LFTAM) and the City’s Opportunity EIR study. ADVANTEC calculated the minimum left turn pocket length requirements using the Highway Design Manual (HDM) guidelines. A conceptual roadway design for future median opening and new driveway locations were implemented throughout the study with the City staff.