•   Municipal traffic engineering services
  •   Construction management and inspection
  •   Traffic signal timing and synchronization
  •   Traffic engineering design
  •   Traffic engineering plan checking

Project Description:

ADVANTEC has been providing traffic engineer services to the City of Diamond Bar since 2003. Mr. Bernard Li, P.E., PTOE is the consultant traffic engineer for Diamond Bar.  Some of the services provided include:

  • Traffic engineering advisor for the Traffic Management System project, including preparation of the RFP, participation in the consultant proposal evaluation, and interview panel
  • Traffic engineering advisor for Caltrans SR57/60 HOV project
  • Traffic engineering advisor for the Los Angeles County – Pomona Valley ITS project
  • Plan review and traffic engineering advisor for the Alameda Corridor East – Brea Canyon Road Grade Separation Project
  • Construction management for various traffic engineering construction projects
  • Review Work Area Traffic Control plans for various construction projects
  • Citywide signal timing monitoring and support; including responding to residents’ request to check signal timing and operations
  • Signal warrant analysis and left-turn warrant analysis at various locations
  • School area signage upgrade conforming to latest MUTCD
  • Review of line-of-sight visibility for numerous side streets and commercial driveways
  • Interview evaluation panel for the Prospectors Road Street Rehabilitation Project
  • Neighboring traffic management design and construction support at numerous locations
  • Traffic signal modification design at various intersections
  • Traffic signal installation and interconnect design – various locations
  • Signing and striping design – various locations