ADVANTEC developed optimized traffic signal timing for all 67 intersections within the City of Diamond Bar, California. Our signal timing expertise covers all aspects of evaluation, optimization, and implementation of efficient and effective signal timings:

  • Collect turning movement counts for AM, PM and mid-day peak periods;
  • Develop Synchro 5.0 network;
  • Create peak-within-the-peak special timing plans;
  • Evaluate optimum signal timings;
  • Prepare timing sheets in LACO-1R, LACO-3, Bitran 200 and Caltrans C-8 formats.
  • Implement signal timing plans in all 170 controllers in the field;
  • Fine-tune signal timing plans in the field by observing its operations;
  • Provide 6-month monitoring of the signal timings;
  • Perform before and after studies.
  • Make presentation at a City Council Meeting

For the intersections located at freeways on-off ramps, ADVANTEC prepared the optimized timing sheets in Caltrans format and submitted to Caltrans for implementation. We also fine-tuned some of the Caltrans intersections alongside with their representatives in the field. City’s officials were so pleased with the results of our signal timing effort that they’ve extended our services for two more years to maintain and fine-tune all the signal timings within the City.

The signal timing improvements have led to improvements in traffic conditions citywide, such as reduction in travel time and delay and increase in travel speed. These improvements have also led to reduction in fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The average improvements citywide are summarized below: