• 18 locations
  • 5 separate residential neighborhoods
  • Public Outreach Community Meetings
  • Detailed Recommendations Report
  • Presentation of Recommendations to City Transportation Commission
  • Bid and construction support

Project Description:

ADVANTEC was contracted by the City of Diamond Bar to develop and implement criteria for use in all future installations of traffic calming devices in the City. Under the initial “City of Diamond Bar City-Wide Neighborhood Traffic Management Project” (NTMP), ADVANTEC was responsible for the design of traffic calming devices at 18 locations in five different residential neighborhoods throughout the City. Community meetings were set up with residents of each neighborhood to get input and to build a consensus among stakeholders. ADVANTEC prepared full plans, specifications and estimates for the construction of the proposed traffic calming devices, which included: speed cushions (bumps), traffic circles, modified striping utilizing Texas Dots, and parking lanes.

The entire NTMP was designed and approved under an extremely tight deadline to allow for construction to be completed during the school district’s summer break.