• 62 signals
  • Performed system inventory
  • Evaluated fiber optic network
  • Evaluated system deficiencies
  • Implemented signal timing schemes
  • Prepare PS&E package and final reports

Project Description:

ADVANTEC developed an overall traffic signal Master Plan that addressed various traffic signal improvements to increase traffic safety and to improve traffic movements in the City of Bellflower, California.

ADVANTEC performed a quality control inventory on all 61 of the City’s traffic signals, and documented all aspects of the project.

ADVANTEC prepared a plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) package to be used by the City to procure services from construction contractors and hardware vendors that included intersection plans and intersection design improvements. As part of the project, ADVANTEC performed a detailed evaluation of each controlled intersection to identify deficiencies in signal timing and control functions.

ADVANTEC evaluated different traffic signal system timing options, developed signal timing plans for “free operation” during off-peak periods, and implemented traffic signal timing and phasing for 23 of the 31 intersections. In implementing the signal timing plans, ADVANTEC also performed fine-tuning of the signal timings such as minimum green, all red, vehicle recall, pedestrian recall, force-offs, etc.

ADVANTEC also analyzed the fiber-optic network and made appropriate recommendations to improve its’ efficiency.