ADVANTEC’s COO, Carlos Ortiz is Selected for the #FREEtheMIBS Advisory Board…Announced in Traffic Technology Today!

ADVANTEC’s COO. Carlos Ortiz is nominated and selected as 1 of only 10 Advisory Board Members for #FREEtheMIBS.  Joining a diverse and talented group of thought leaders…Traffic Technology Today shares the news worldwide!

#FREEtheMIBS campaign announces advisory board members

MIBs are the common language protocols used to communicate between central traffic management systems and ITS devices including traffic signal controllers.  By not making MIBs available to customers or other companies, manufacturers can extend legacy contracts and keep them sole-sources for years, locking out potentially more cost-effective or innovative solutions because their products cannot communicate with those from other companies.  Advisory board members share a common mindset that restricting the use of vendor-specific management information bases is bad for transportation professionals, communities, and taxpayers.  Customers in the public sector are demanding open standards.  They want to take advantage of emerging ITS technologies that can combine data from different sources to gain new insights and enable new capabilities.  But, if the data is locked into proprietary systems with closed protocols – they are really limited as to what they can do, now and in the future.  Open standards keep the customer in charge.

The FREEtheMIBs campaign recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and features active and influential members from both the private and public sectors, as well as academia including Q-Free, Siemens, Miovision, the Oregon and Utah Departments of Transportation.