ADVANTEC Launches New Employee Recognition Program

11 Team Members are Recognized for The Highest Level of Service to Clients and the Firm

ADVANTEC recently launched a new program to recognize staff members who have gone above and beyond their levels of responsibility for the success of the company and its clients.  For this initial launch of the program, ADVANTEC’s Board of Directors considered work efforts going back to all of 2020 and 2021.


The criteria for the awards, developed by the ADVANTEC Board of Directors, required the above recipients to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Perform duties above and beyond their level of responsibility

  2. Exceptional Productivity and high quality

  3. Goal achievement towards meeting or exceeding their tasks budget, and schedule

  4. Client compliments

  5. Taking initiative to help others and promote teamwork

Beyond the criteria, the ADVANTEC Core values were considered in the selection of the award winners.

“In light of our “Because we care” philosophy, we evaluated the nominees—-how did this team member show commitment to our core values?” indicated ADVANTEC CEO, Leo Lee, “And those values are:

 Deliver WOW through hard work and strong work ethics–we are the best!

Be responsible and accountable about our work

Be passionate and determined to maintain our good reputation

Pursue staff growth and learning, foster hobbies and interests

Be honest, humble and serve clients with integrity and can-do spirit

Empower employees to do more with less-be innovative

Add FUN to our workplace!”

The award recipients will receive crystal plaques and gift cards to thank them for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the company.

This program, will continue into the future to recognize one staff member each quarter, and to celebrate their accomplishments with a quarterly meeting or event.  A “Project of the Year” award will also be introduced in 2022.  The ADVANTEC Board of Directors, Leo Lee, CEO; Carlos Ortiz, COO; Keith Rand; Joe Harake;  and Pauline Yip, Secretary will administer the new awards program and nominate staff members on a quarterly basis.

ADVANTEC Congratulates and thanks all of the award winners, along with the full ADVANTEC team, who have helped the company to successfully serve our clients over the past two years.